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Arlington, Virginia Wedding Planner

Kolena Thomas
Owner & Lead Wedding Planner

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My background

With over a decade of experience in wedding and event planning, I have personally executed a wide range of events in varying design aesthetics, logistical complexity, and price points. 


I believe that experience is everything.

I have spent the last ten years working throughout the events industry from catering, events management, private club management, conference management, fundraising events, to disaster and emergency planning. I opened Blue Sapphire Events in 2018, after realizing I could combine my passion for events with my love of design and logistics to create truly unforgettable events for clients in the Washington, DC area. 


I am a graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. While at James Madison, I worked for the on-campus events department. It was this job that inspired my decision to pursue events management full time after graduation. 

On your wedding day

On-site at events, I can best be described as calm, in charge, and working with grace under pressure. I will seamlessly orchestrate all of the moments that will become your most cherished memories while simultaneously fading into the background. 

It's all in the name

Fun Fact: Blue Sapphire Events was named after my custom engagement ring!